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20 Jan 2023

Full-Time Senior Land surveyor – Batangas Province

Johnson & Johnson – Posted by JobsTeam Batangas Province, Batangas Province, Philippines

Job Description

In order to determine the borders and topography of real property, the Land Surveyor either directs one or more department survey teams or supervises hired survey groups. He or she also supervises the creation, updating, and upkeep of real property maps. Contact with both public and private institutions is necessary for work. Employees at this level complete their responsibilities on their own, but any odd problems are reported to the supervisor.

Job Title : Senior Land surveyor
Location : Batangas Province, Batangas Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 33.24 per hour.
Company : Johnson & Johnson
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Produces tract maps and legal descriptions based on fieldwork; analyses and resolves unusual challenges in property disputes, such as encroachment, the discovery of property corners, and the retracing of legal descriptions. Creates official maps and legal descriptions using AutoCAD software. In addition, he provides quality control and oversight of other people’s work to assure the accuracy of surveys and data collected.
  • As directed, works directly with customers and outside project participants on projects. All issues are dealt with in a timely manner to the client’s satisfaction, and performs drafting assignments using computer aided drafting programmed (CAD) and/or supervises other technicians working on drafting for survey projects, operates company vehicles, and is responsible for company vehicle(s) and equipment on the project site. End of the day checks to see that all equipment has been returned to its rightful location.
  • Many tasks fall within the purview of surveyors, including land and property boundary surveys, topographic explorations, dispute resolutions over boundary lines, the investigation of crimes and criminal activity, commercial leasing agreements, and rights-of-way. Documenting Auto Cad surveys is essential to ensuring that data obtained is accurate as well as providing a record of the surveyors’ efforts.
  • A project manager is responsible for approving and monitoring the work of surveying consultants, as well as ensuring that their operations are running smoothly. This person also handles the contracts and permissions for surveying consultants. She approves the work of parcel descriptions and right-of-way (ROW) maps, with the assistance of outside contractors, to create a new project.
  • Land surveying and related information technology/systems/applications (property description writing, mapping, legislation, research, measurement, analysis, and computation) can be used to find and characterize these parcels. (Such as GPS and GIS).
  • Following the work done by draught surveyors and checking their drafting plans will help you estimate the entire cost of contract land survey services. All team members should be knowledgeable with the latest surveying and mapping technology. Control over surveying is rebuilt or constructed with help from state and federal officials, as well as contractors.
  • Prepares and reviews preliminary studies, calculations, cost estimates, specifications, and reports consisting of engineering, construction, design, topographic, photogrammetric, geodetic, hydrographic, property, and right of way surveys; reviews and checks the work of surveyors and engineers; establishes procedures, techniques, and instrumentation for engineering determinations.
  • The Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying will regulate cadastral, rights-of-way, GPS, and robotic total station surveys in accordance with its definition of real property maps or mapping.
  • The Survey Manager is in charge of determining the project’s scope, task organization, and resource estimates, as well as the schedule for completion. An estimate of the project’s costs is used to create a budget. Project managers might include customer survey costs in the scope of work if they work together on a collaborative effort.
  • Both “metes and bounds” and “Public Land Survey States” were surveyed, as well as providing technical advice and support for other Service offices dealing with land issues, such as property ownership or boundary marking or monumentation; in both cases.


  • An understanding of the business world and the ability to recognize financial impacts on projects and make or recommend appropriate adjustments is required to interact with clients, business partners and staff from various skill levels as well as different levels of authority within and outside the organization.
  • Experience in right-of-way platting or drafting with a willingness to learn right-of-way platting and topographic surveying of roads, sites, or energy routes. To guarantee quality and fulfil deadlines, the self-starter with great attention to detail is organized and shows correctness and thoroughness in their job.
  • This position is subject to a financial disclosure obligation, and the candidate must obtain and maintain valid COR Certification during the probationary period (or equivalent).
  • Contract and work authorization policies, as well as the ability to operate a chainsaw or other power tools, an ATV/UTV and advanced survey equipment and drawing software are all prerequisites, as is the capacity to extract crucial data from official government plats and surveys.
  • You must provide transcripts to verify your education qualifications, satisfy any minimum educational and/or experience criteria, and maintain a valid driver’s license at all times because the employment entails driving government vehicles on both private and public highways. Employees in this class may be compelled to use their own personal vehicles if they fail to maintain a current driver’s license at all times.

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