27 Aug 2023

Part-Time Plumber – Remote – Cairo

Phar Mor Inc. – Posted by JobsTeam Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Job Description

Plumbers are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing and heating systems under the general direction of an authorized supervisor. In charge of giving the best client service and generating the best quality work. Additional services and obligations for the Plumber are provided by this specialist in the area of plumbing.

Job Title : Plumber – Remote
Location : Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Salary : $ 24.45 per hour.
Company : Phar Mor Inc.
Job Type : Part-Time


  • Respond to requests in a timely way (according to priority deadlines), communicate progress to the client, and follow up after the task is completed to provide great customer service.
  • Routinely inspecting and maintaining plumbing equipment according to manufacturer’s and manufacturer’s instructions as well as code-required drawings and specifications; performing repairs and adjustments as needed; and troubleshooting if problems arise.
  • Installs, changes, and fixes plumbing by finding the main line and tapping it, setting up system routes, placing and cutting route openings, and hanging pipes. Levels and slopes the pipes correctly and decides if valves, traps, and unions are needed to make sure the system works well. Back flow prevention devices are tested, fixed, replaced, and put in place according to local codes.
  • Heating boilers, radiators, valves, pipe circulators, air compressors, condensate pumps, steam traps, etc. Air change system maintenance.
  • Utilizing both hand tools and power tools, the individual in this role is responsible for the assembly and installation of valves, pipe fittings, and pipes made of metals such as iron, steel, brass, and lead, as well as nonmetals such as glass, vitrified clay, and plastic.
  • Examines plumbing systems and fixtures for faults or issues. Devices with defective components are removed. Checks for changes in calibration, dimensions, and manufacturer’s specifications in used components and equipment. Tests and calibrates systems and equipment to ensure that they perform properly.
  • Plumbing-related equipment may be serviced by responding to service requests for repair, maintenance, installation, or removal (including dining specific equipment).
  • For pipes and pipe fittings to fit, this person uses hand and power tools to cut holes in the walls and floors. Pipe cutters, cutting torches, and pipe threading machines are all used to cut and thread the pipe. ” Bending the pipe by hand or with a pipe-bending machine or block is also an option.
  • To ensure the safety of the facility by conducting regular safety inspections, conducting leak detection tests, and soldering or brazing tubing or pipe. Also, pours lead joints and seats equipment. Works with the manufacturer’s specifications to replace or repair components in heating systems and other water-heating equipment such as tankless water heaters and tanks.
  • Uses building plans, blueprints, and sketches to figure out how plumbing systems and equipment should be routed, placed, and installed so that they work well. Finishes routing and placement of systems that lead to equipment; seats, connects, and tests systems and equipment. Finds out what parts are needed to do the project. Marks the spots in walls and floors where pipes and connectors go.


  • Properly understanding engineering drawings and blueprints as well as solving mathematical calculations and using hand and power tools are among the many responsibilities of the role that need this set of qualifications.
  • The equivalent of a high school graduation in education, training, and experience. A technical degree from an approved institution or university is desirable.
  • Physically able to operate in pipe gaps between walls and crawl spaces beneath structures, from roof tops (vents) to sewage ditches and manholes.
  • Evidence that you have successfully completed an authorized apprenticeship program that lasted for at least four years and resulted in your appointment as a journeyman plumber.
  • Plumbing procedures and regulations, building standards, and maintenance ideas and practices, The ability to identify and fix water and plumbing system problems.

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Job Types: Part-Time. Salaries: Less than 20,000.

Job expires in 7 hours.

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