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20 Aug 2023

Full-Time Plumber 2nd Shift – Inisa

Xilinx Inc – Posted by JobsTeam Inisa, Osun, Nigeria

Job Description

In order to ensure that the educational process is not interrupted or hindered by the district’s plumbing, water systems, or infrastructure, it is necessary to conduct a range of specialized activities linked to these systems and equipment. You’ll have to do things like troubleshooting, repairs, upkeep, and replacements in addition to the others.

Job Title : Plumber 2nd Shift
Location : Inisa, Osun, Nigeria
Salary : $ 25.21 per hour.
Company : Xilinx Inc
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Plumbing is set up, altered, and repaired by a plumber using techniques such main line finding and taping, routing, opening placement and cutting, and the positioning of hangers. The need for valves, traps, and unions is readily apparent when pipes are appropriately leveled and sloped. As a consequence, the system is more effective overall. Follow local jurisdictional guidelines while performing repairs, replacements, and installations of backflow prevention devices.
  • Observes plumbing systems and fixtures to discover problems or malfunctions. Removes faulty components from devices. Checks used components and equipment for changes in calibration, dimensions, and manufacturer’s specs. Tests and calibrates systems and equipment to guarantee optimal system functioning.
  • Scheduled maintenance checks and leak detection tests are performed; tubing and pipe are soldered or brazed; lead joints and seat equipment are poured; and complicated combinations of couplings, unions, and joints are installed and repaired. Installs and replaces components in water heaters, tanks, sinks, showers, and fuel and oil storage facilities using authorized processes and test equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Take care of service calls and requests about how to operate, fix, maintain, install, and remove plumbing-related equipment (including dining specific equipment).
  • constructing and installing a wide range of metal and nonmetal pipe fittings and valves using hand and power equipment. Iron, steel, brass, and lead are a few examples of metals that may be employed. Glass and vitrified clay are examples of nonmetals.
  • Service-oriented Excellence is attained by reacting quickly to requests, communicating progress, and following up once a work is complete. Done.
  • The repair of worn or broken components and the replacement of worn or broken parts of the boiler or accessory are all part of boiler and accessory maintenance. All air-change systems must be maintained.
  • Uses building plans, blueprints, and sketches to figure out how plumbing systems and equipment should be routed, placed, and installed so that they work well. Finishes routing and placement of systems that lead to equipment; seats, connects, and tests systems and equipment. Finds out what parts are needed to do the project. Marks the spots in walls and floors where pipes and connectors go.
  • Uses hand and power tools to cut holes in walls and floors for pipe and fittings. Cuts and threads pipe using cutters, torch, and machine. Bends pipe to necessary angle by machine or by hand.
  • If there are any issues, the plumber should be able to identify what the problem is, fix it and fix it again, or troubleshoot it if it doesn’t work as it should.


  • Physically able to operate in pipe gaps between walls and crawl spaces beneath structures, from roof tops (vents) to sewage ditches and manholes.
  • Knowledge of plumbing procedures and regulations, knowledge of building standards and maintenance concepts and practices, and so on and so forth. Having the ability to detect and fix problems with water and plumbing systems.
  • Documentation demonstrating that the applicant has successfully completed an approved apprenticeship program of at least four years’ length, the successful completion of which led in the applicant being appointed to the post of journeyman plumber.
  • The equivalent of a high school graduation in education, training, and experience. An certified technical degree is desirable.
  • In order to do all of a job’s tasks, a person needs to be able to read blueprints and engineering drawings, do math, and use both hand and power tools correctly. Just a few examples are listed above.

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