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20 Jan 2023

Full-Time Foreman Concrete Commercial – Sanchez-Mira

Matrix5 – Posted by JobsTeam Sanchez-Mira, Cagayan Province, Philippines

Job Description

Worker or craftsman who works with concrete in the building industry as an expert Concrete Finisher or finisher. Concrete forms are formed by this person, therefore they must be placed correctly in both depth and pitch. Pour the concrete from a concrete truck chute, a concrete pump, a concrete mixer, or a wheelbarrow or a concrete mixer straight into the hole. To screed or level the newly put concrete, they use a straightedge crossed back and forth over the tops of the forms as they pour and rake the concrete. A hand trowel, long-handed bull float, or motorized trowels are used to smooth the concrete once it has been leveled and smoothed. Finishers use an edger between the forms and the concrete to create a chamber around the edges, which makes them less prone to chip once the concrete has been leveled and floated. After trowel-finishing the concrete, broom and stamp finishes may be applied to the surface. The broom finish is intended to keep the concrete from sliding, whereas the stamp finish is employed only for aesthetic purposes. A thorough understanding of how to construct and finish head-on curb and gutter sections is essential.

Job Title : Foreman Concrete Commercial
Location : Sanchez-Mira, Cagayan Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 23.81 per hour.
Company : Matrix5
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Communicates with others by telephone and/or two-way radio; delivers information; receives and relays messages; and answers to service and information requests from workers, authorities, the general public, and other persons.
  • Repairs rough or damaged areas in concrete surfaces, using cementitious materials such as cement, sand, and other colors.
  • Checks for the construction of the forms that support the concrete, then sets and aligns the forms to the required pitch and depth.
  • A variety of papers, such as reports or work orders, are provided to you for completion; you then process the information and either send it on or preserve it for your records.
  • Performs manual job duties related to department projects (e.g., lifting/moving heavy items, shoveling materials, cleaning up debris/litter, putting up signs, etc.).
  • People who work in this job use a lot of different equipment, machinery, and tools for their work. These might include: dump truck, front-end loader, backhoe, tamping machine, cement mixer air compressor jackhammer concrete saw mallet shovel rake axe mechanic tools concrete tools concrete forms etc.
  • The responsibilities of the Concrete Finisher include operating machines and doing manual labor in the construction and finishing of concrete surfaces, as well as aiding with other Public Works projects.
  • Vibratory machine used to squeeze concrete into smaller and smaller spaces Anchor bolts and steel plates are put into newly poured concrete before it is finished. A sponge rubber float or burlap may be used as a covering.
  • Regularly inspects and cleans equipment to keep it running efficiently and safely.
  • Raising the newly poured concrete’s top layer on a surface (such a sidewalk or a wall) to a desired level. Compounds are used to harden and seal the concrete.


  • If you’re going to be working in the summer, you’re going to have to be prepared to work long hours and shifts (days and nights).
  • With the help of others, lift a total of 30 pounds to 150 pounds.
  • It is essential that you have excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.
  • Coworkers and supervisors must be able to communicate effectively to ensure that duties are completed appropriately in this profession.
  • Additionally, two (2) years of prior experience and/or training in concrete or brick work, or any other combination thereof, is necessary to meet the minimum educational requirements for this position (e.g., a high school diploma or GED).

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