27 Aug 2023

Full-Time Deputy Medical Examiner II – San Francisco

American Para Professional Systems (APPS) – Posted by JobsTeam San Francisco, Agusan del Sur Province, Philippines

Job Description

Under general supervision, a Medical Examiner is responsible for performing examinations and autopsies, analyzing and interpreting investigation data, signing official documents, testifying in court proceedings, photographing physical evidence, providing medical information on the deceased, and performing other related duties as required.

Job Title : Deputy Medical Examiner II
Location : San Francisco, Agusan del Sur Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 31.26 per hour.
Company : American Para Professional Systems (APPS)
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Responds to regular queries and complaints, investigates and begins issue resolution, and sends complaints/problems to relevant staff.
  • Completely documents and organizes all investigation material; creates complete case reports and records; develops investigative summaries; and subpoenas police reports and medical records as necessary.
  • He attends a wide variety of pathology conferences, including the Neurophysiology Conference, the Case Consensus Meeting, and the Toxicology Roundups. This individual is the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner/Medical Director’s primary source of information on forensic neurophysiology, as well as an expert who can explain the complexities of neurophysiology to medical students and residents. She teaches and presents on the topic of forensic pathology at conferences and symposium in the field.
  • Investigates the scene of a death or a crime to determine the circumstances around it and the method(s) employed. Evidence gathered in this way includes information on a victim’s medical history, prescription drug details and other relevant information.
  • Medical information is given to law enforcement, lawyers, judges, the relatives of the dead, the news media, the District Attorney’s Office, and the general public.
  • Examines the dead’s medical, psychological, and mental history with the physician who cared for him or her; acquires and evaluates the deceased’s medical and dental records; investigates reports from outside agencies; and supports the Forensic Pathologists in determining who the deceased was.
  • Expert witnesses are needed for all forensic criminal and civil proceedings linked with the cases studied, as well as any other forensic demands that may develop within the County. Experts are obtained.
  • Case documents, including reports, diagrams and charts, are prepared by the incumbent for the goal of establishing the cause and manner of death. On a rotating basis, the incumbent attends to death scenes and makes jurisdictional judgments in the evening and night shifts. As required, the incumbent testifies in federal and state courts, as well as circuit courts in surrounding jurisdictions. Assists the Chief or Deputy Chief Medical Examiner with specific initiatives. Infection control and monitoring are implemented.
  • An online records management system must get all death investigation reports on time and in a certain way. It is important to be accurate and impartial at all times, even when you’re writing.
  • You may keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date by attending seminars, workshops, and training programs.


  • knowledge of the procedures and processes involved in collecting, processing and preparing evidence for use
  • With minimal supervision, demonstrates a high degree of initiative, effort, attention to detail, and devotion to the project at hand.
  • The Department of Professional Regulations mandates that all candidates seeking medical licenses have them. ‘
  • It is critical that you have a working knowledge of the medical/dental examination and identification process, as well as the causes and repercussions of trauma, as well as a comprehension of natural illnesses
  • It is necessary to have an associate’s degree in biology or medical science, para-medicine, or a closely equivalent field of study, as well as at least 1,000 hours of verified work experience in a related field to be considered for this position. It is preferable if you have previous field experience.

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Job Types: Full-Time. Salaries: Less than 20,000.

Job expires in 5 hours.

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