27 Aug 2023

Part-Time Computer System Analyst – Tuguegarao

Columbia University – Posted by JobsTeam Tuguegarao, Cagayan Province, Philippines

Job Description

the Computer Analyst to establish and maintain good working relationships with all of the company’s computer users, manage the end user computer experience, manage workstation protection software, manage imaging software and maintain an accurate inventory and location of all computer equipment and peripherals. This position is responsible for developing and managing the computer equipment cycle plan, as well as the creation and administration of preventive maintenance programs and the submission of an annual capital purchase plan for end-user workstations

Job Title : Computer System Analyst
Location : Tuguegarao, Cagayan Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 32.99 per hour.
Company : Columbia University
Job Type : Part-Time


  • Initiates contact with all applications running on the end user’s machine on behalf of the end user, and escalates as necessary.
  • Develop application and system level test strategies that include automated testing as part of the whole test process.
  • Regression and functional tests may be automated to guarantee your releases are compliant and your project objectives are fulfilled.
  • meet regularly to discuss current projects, help desk issues, and other assigned responsibilities.
  • Maintaining and upgrading computer systems such as laptops and servers is the responsibility of a system administrator.
  • Educate both internal and external audiences about a company’s or product’s performance by creating reports, graphs, dashboards, and other visual outputs using data that has been gathered and manipulated.
  • Project management tasks such as Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development and sprint planning are within the purview of this responsibility.
  • filing warranty support requests, contacting vendor support as needed, and keeping track of information technology devices and software can help manage IT hardware/software/licensing.
  • comply to current development and change control standards and reduce the gap between business requirements and technology solutions.
  • Perform a wide range of computer-related tasks such as installing, operating, configuring, troubleshooting and repairing computer equipment and network connection under the direction of a manager or team leader.


  • Helpful with a wide range of technology, including computers, laptops, printers, scanners and more.
  • Pre-plans vacation time; arrives at work on time; Ensures that job duties are covered while the employee is absent; Always on time for meetings and appointments.
  • Effective relationships can be built and maintained by showing tact, consideration, a positive outlook, and a pleasant demeanor. Resolves issues by acting as a team player in groups.
  • Effective communication requires the ability to listen and comprehend well, as well as knowledge of and skill with various communication strategies.
  • A good problem solver: Identifies problems quickly; Gathers and analyses information skillfully, and comes up with alternatives; Finds and solves problems early on; Works well in group problem solving situations.

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Job Types: Part-Time. Salaries: Less than 20,000.

Job expires in 4 hours.

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