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28 Aug 2023

Full-Time Assistant Medical assistant – Guinobatan

Exide Technologies – Posted by JobsTeam Guinobatan, Albay Province, Philippines

Job Description

In an outpatient clinic setting, the Medical Assistant is responsible for assisting the physician with patient care. The person demonstrates responsible behavior, efficiently interacts with others, and contributes to the healthcare team. When providing clinical treatment to a patient, the Medical Assistant works directly under the direction of a physician. It is the clinic manager’s responsibility to supervise the Medical Assistant and train her in clinic policies and procedures, as well as to ensure that she is properly trained. Competence in all patient care-related abilities must be demonstrated by the Medical Assistant. The Medical Assistant is responsible for keeping track of exam/procedure room supplies, assisting with the smooth flow of patients through the clinic, and setting up the clinic to ensure patient safety. They display problem-solving skills in relation to patient care tasks as demonstrated by the medical assistant

Job Title : Assistant Medical assistant
Location : Guinobatan, Albay Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 33.52 per hour.
Company : Exide Technologies
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Visits to patients’ rooms are made, vital signs and other pertinent health information is gathered, and the patient is then ready for evaluation. All of this is done under the guidance of a physician or advanced practice clinician who is either monitoring, delegating, or otherwise overseeing the process.
  • Electrocardiograms are conducted according to age-appropriate criteria, and safety hazards are addressed by speaking up and adjusting practice in order to enhance patient safety as needed by standard of care. Patients are properly prepped for x-rays, tests and procedures.
  • Finding medical documents such test results and hospital notes; making appointments; checking insurance coverage and demographic information; and obtaining paperwork and requisitions. As well as completing and documenting to ensure that the material is correct and organized.
  • Make sure all patients’ needs are met, and respect and promote their rights; respond to emergency codes correctly; report concerns about patients and/or employees with immediate supervisors, if relevant.
  • Respect and promote patient rights; respond appropriately to emergency codes; share issues involving patients and/or staff with immediate supervisors promptly; track and follow all referrals as necessary to ensure that the patients’ needs are met. These are just a few of the organizational responsibilities that must be fulfilled.
  • Sterilize all devices and equipment before using them on patients to avoid the transmission of disease. Don’t forget to do regular maintenance on the sterilizers and to save all relevant papers. Make a list of all the things you own. Exam/procedure room materials and equipment should be replenished as needed. Make sure you have all the required tools and equipment at your disposal before you get started. Living and working in an atmosphere that is safe and sanitary.
  • Clinical team members will benefit from the expertise and experience of this position’s staff members in an outpatient treatment programmed while handling a specific caseload (if applicable). It is necessary to have a high degree of organization and a willingness to communicate with the general public in order to be successful in this field.
  • Affects situations or decisions to ensure patient needs are met and concerns are addressed in order to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety of patient practice documentation support for complex electronic health record documentation during provider visits. It also reinforces education of patients for improved outcomes and safe practices in treatment, as well as assistance in discharging patients.
  • To maintain the highest quality of outpatient treatment, medical records, including vital signs and pain tests, as well as data from patients, families, doctors, and other members of the health care team, are all documented. This involves gathering information from patients, doctors, and other members of the healthcare team as well as obtaining and recording physical measures including weights, heights, head circumferences, and growth charts.
  • Performs patient care duties as assigned, which may include monitoring schedules and directing patient flow, accompanying patients to exam/procedure rooms, helping patients as needed with walking, transfers, dressing, collecting specimens, preparing for exams, etc., collecting patient history, performing screenings in accordance with provider guidelines, assisting doctors and nurses with various procedures, charting, relaying instructions to patients and their families, answering calls, and more.


  • Maintain good working connections with clients and make sure the clinic works well every day by doing responsibilities including registering patients and scheduling appointments, billing and inputting orders, and all of the above. success in teamwork is a desirable quality.
  • A high school graduation or GED is necessary, as is one year of work experience in a career that involves interacting with the public, ideally in the service industry. Applicants must have a passion for or prior knowledge of health care, as well as strong interpersonal, organizational, and customer service abilities.
  • Abilities to maintain high levels of quality control, as well as proficiency in a wide range of examination and diagnostic techniques, are also required. The ability to speak clearly and calmly is also required.
  • Sterilization technology, specific methods, and personal hygiene and cleanliness are all part of this job’s skill set requirements. Health and safety factors at a clinic must also be taken into account when hiring new employees.
  • High levels of organization and attention to detail are required for this position, along with thorough understanding of patient care and examination techniques and the ability to maintain patient confidentiality at all times. This role also requires an absolute requirement for effective and courteous communication with patients and other stakeholders.

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Job Types: Full-Time. Salaries: Less than 20,000.

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