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31 Jul 2023

Full-Time Assistant Crane Operator – Samal

Cenex Harvest States Cooperatives – Posted by JobsTeam Samal, Bataan Province, Philippines

Job Description

The Crane Operator is accountable for ensuring the integrity of all rigging and the proper fastening of all straps and rigging to loads prior to their transportation by crane or other material handling equipment. Crane operators are given instructions. Use the factory-wide overhead crane to transport materials and finished products.

Job Title : Assistant Crane Operator
Location : Samal, Bataan Province, Philippines
Salary : $ 34.78 per hour.
Company : Cenex Harvest States Cooperatives
Job Type : Full-Time


  • We will be using a referee whistle, chains, nylon slings, pallet lifters, magnets, vacuum lifters, posi-turners, spreader bars, softeners, measuring tapes, hammers, punches, pliers, crescent wrenches, paint sticks, and vacuum lifters. You need to know everything there is to know about this field before you can do it well.
  • Collaborate with riggers and truck drivers through radio, visual, or other signals to lift products and other cargo.
  • Fasten the rigging to the load, inspect the path it will take, blast a whistle to notify the crane operator, guide the load to its final resting place, and then lower the load into position before returning the rigging to its rack.
  • Gain familiarity with and follow by all company, customer, and health and safety policies, as well as any other criteria, such as weight and size restrictions.
  • You can monitor system status and make adjustments directly from the control panel. When performing routine maintenance, be sure to observe all applicable safety procedures.
  • Determines if there are any broken components on the crane and reports them to the supervisor. Cleans and ensures the proper functioning of the cranes and other lifting mechanisms.
  • Inspecting the crane and cab, filling out inspection paperwork, operating the crane (4 hand levers, 1 foot brake), and filling steel orders all require mounting a vertical ladder (to a height of 25 feet).
  • The Rigger’s labor comes after that of the Crane Operator, if there is time left over after finishing the primary task at hand.
  • Knowledge of mathematics and the ability to read and interpret blueprints, drawings, and specifications is essential, as is the ability to calculate load weights, wire, and sheave sizes.
  • Capable of working in any climate and providing real-time updates on any developments. Carries out a wide variety of tasks as assigned by higher-ups.


  • Heavy equipment operators must have a minimum of one to two years’ experience.
  • A valid NCCCO or CIC certificate is required. All medical treatment must be documented on an official Department of Transportation medical card. Certification or clearance must come from the Safety Department, Equipment Manager, or Operations Manager. The municipal government mandates it (DC requires operators to be licensed). There will be a practical exam involved.
  • To guarantee that the necessary degree of physical health, ability, or fitness to carry out the tasks of the post is maintained on an ongoing basis, this position requires the completion of a pre-employment Physical Examination and an annual Physical Examination thereafter.
  • Experience operating a cab and bridge crane (or similar) from at least 30 feet in height and 60 feet in span is required.
  • Power to make sure that every day ends with everyone going home safe and sound, no machines being overworked, and no tools, supplies, or equipment going missing.

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